IOA- MidReview @ The Venice Biennale

10.30 − 12.00: IOA Midterm Review
Crossover Studio Energizing Vienna

“Energizing Vienna” sets its goal to speculate on novel strategies for inner-urban densification, based on the hypothesis that the city could grow in density without acquiring open areas for development. Taking into account new technologies to incorporate feed back systems of evaluation in the design process, equipping built structures with the ability to control climate, or implementing adaptability for changing environmental conditions, radically alters the role of architecture in regard to the understanding of urban morphologies, incorporating the notion of time in multiple scales. 

The studio looks at the city as a three-dimensional space of investigation, whereby the spatial and technological potential of the architectural expertise is considered as the driving force for alternative urban design strategies to explore the possibilities of undetected spaces for growth.

Directed by Andrea Börner and Bernhard Sommer, taught together with Anna Gulinska and Galo Moncayo, the program is conducted by faculty from Urban Strategies & Energy Design, and foresees intense workshops with invited guests, guest lectures and reviews in a well balanced mix of integrating international and local knowledge to contribute to the studio in teaching, feed-back and dialogue. 

Kathrin Aste
Thomas Auer
Klaus Bollinger
Sanford Kwinter
Liam Young
Reiner Zettl

Nikola Kárníková
Afshin Koupaei 
Ayuna Mitupova
Viki Sándor
Michal Spolnik
Minerva Zhang